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Turning Lives in our own City...

Before we had a name for the ministry we had a vision.  In 2004 God simply said, "Go, love, and serve this city."  We began driving around with friends asking God to show us His location.  When we came to the corner of Jefferson and Cass we knew we had found the spot.  I then began visiting this area to pray.  About my fourth or fifth visit I met a man mowing the lot and he wasn't just any man he was the owner.  As I shared the vision and before I could ask he said, "If it's for God use this lot."   And so it was established, the Northeast corner at Jefferson and Cass became our place to go, love and serve.  Our first BBQ was the summer of 2005 and we served this area for the next 5 years.

By 2007 we knew God wanted to expand.  Again we drove around the area, this time with a new friend from the outreach at Jefferson and Cass.  This gentleman knew the area very well and as we drove he would inform me of how bad things were.  When I stopped at a vacant lot at the northeast corner of St. Louis and Vandeventer he said, "No John not here.  This is way worse than Jefferson and Cass, you don't want to come here."  I knew I had found the spot.  The summer of 2008 we were serving at both locations and by Christmas 2009 we were holding meetings in a store-front on the southeast corner.

With the construction of the new Mississippi Bridge investors began buying property around the Jefferson and Cass area.  Many of the families we served left or were forced out.  The population dwindled so much by the summer of 2010 that we no longer gather at this lot, but you will find Bill and Mary Neumann at 2824 Vandeventer.  If you’d like to join them in serving or just come to enjoy the fellowship the centers hours are Thursday and Saturday from noon to 3pm.

Everyday God is moving in our city.