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Turning Lives from Darkness to Light

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John and Diane Kramer established Turning Lives Today in  July of 2007 to serve God, reach people, share purpose and build community.

The mission of "Turning Lives Today" is to be an agent of positive spiritual change.   We are evangelists, preachers, humanitarians, mentors, sent out to make a difference.

TLT is privileged to participate in families, marriages, individuals, prisons, missions, disaster relief, hospital visits, weddings and funerals.  As well as speaking at home groups, churches, conferences and seminars to equip, train, and mobilize people to reach a hurting world with the gospel.

 Our ability to change lives drastically increases as we collectively work together.  We have gone out not as one or two but as an entire task force.  A force that makes a difference in the world.

All of you who have participated through your support of hands-on assistance, finances and/or prayers are right there with us.  Our desire is to express a heartfelt appreciation not only from us, but from all of those whose lives you've helped move in a new direction.

 Thank you!
John & Diane Kramer

TLT is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.  All contributions are tax deductible.